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Kocmodpom - Professional Remote Viewer

​Kocmodpom  has been remote viewing since 2004 and has helped train hundreds of students in Major Ed Dames' workshops. His no-nonsense style and rigorous adherence to the protocols are the primary reasons for his success. He has trained students one-on-one since 2007, some of whom also became professionals on the rvcommunity forum.  

Thanks to his engineering research background (Department of Energy and NASA), Kocmodpom has been on the cutting edge of remote viewing research and  is the world's foremost expert in application of remote viewing to financial markets. Developments include  determination  of both maximum and minimum price forecasts as well as accurate asset chart prediction  of assets in both the futures and forex markets that extends well beyond the stimulus of novelty. 

He has been consulted on dozens of professional level contracts and projects. 


Put Kocmodpom's expertise to work for you. 

» Contact Kocmodpom to request information about training or financial market forecasting.

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